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Breathe, think and do. A simple task our body and mind complete instantaneously without us having to think too much about it. 

Cognition is a unique evolutionary gift that saw the rise of the human species and has taken us to new heights ever thought possible. Humans alone do calculus, communicate with mobile devices, travel around in motor vehicles, explore space travel and carry out day-to-day tasks from getting you out of the bed in the morning to your late afternoon sunset run. 

Cognition in its simplest form is a term used to describe the way humans think, explore and figure things out. It is the way we develop knowledge, skills, problem solving, and dispositions, which help us think about and understand the world around us. Then there are higher levels of cognitive functions that have transformed the way we live our lives such as Language, imagination, perception, and planning. 

A healthy cognitive mind means that we can go on with our everyday lives, performing tasks and activities at optimal precision and mental focus. We live busy lives that require us to do many things a day such as getting ready for work in the morning, completing a daily training routine, or making mindful decisions that help better your life and those around us. Often these things are done with added stress, pressure, and general fatigue of the body and mind. This can result in a cognitive impairment which leads to the decline in our abilities to perform basic functions and complete daily tasks/ required of us. This can greatly impact our quality of life.


Cognitive support starts with us and is another task that requires active participation. We can help our brain and body stay healthier for longer by eating nutrient-dense sources of food and exercising daily. Think critically, Question yourself daily about your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Stay curious and keep learning, a great way to help with cognitive support is to gain knowledge or learn a new skill.

Another way we can help supplement cognitive support is through a key ingredient, mushrooms. This path requires far less energy and effort in helping your body and mind stay at optimal levels and giving you more time back to spend your life living to the fullest. Mushrooms have a proven track record when it comes to helping improve the overall well-being of life and it should come as no surprise that these medicinal mushrooms are good for our body and can help improve brain health. 

Mushrooms contain vital nutrients including dietary fiber, protein, complex carbs, vitamins D and B, selenium and potassium, minerals, antioxidants, and other important micro-nutrients That play an important role in a properly functioning brain.

Certain mushrooms such as Lions Main and Reishi are known to work together to support neuron damage and brain tissue growth. 

Fungi, especially found in Reishi mushrooms, stimulate nerve growth-promoting communication among the neurons in the brain. Studies have proven that Reishi Mushrooms can help in protecting the brain against seizures.

Lion’s Mane is one variety of mushrooms known to protect cognitive health. It stimulates nerve growth factor, a protein that promotes healthy brain cells. Lion’s Mane is a cognitive enhancer, and it helps aid in creativity, motivation, and memory, as well as brain function. 

In a recent study published in Biomedical Research, scientists examined the effects of Lion’s Mane on brain function and cognitive support. Results revealed that Lion’s Mane helped protect against memory problems caused by the buildup of amyloid-beta (a substance that forms the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease). 

Studies have also shown a possible neuro-protective effect against ischemic stroke.

As you can see; mushrooms are key in helping you achieve cognitive stability and improved performance which will keep you doing the things that matter most for longer. Fruiting Body’s Lions Main and Reishi are available in capsule form, say yes to your full potential. 

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Performance Coach, Health Consultant and Entrepreneur.

On a quest to optimize his own health and performance, Phil shifted industry and became a Partner in Asia’s leading wellness retreat, and has since founded several businesses in the health and nutrition space.

Phil has worked with over 5,000 clients from the likes of Google, Facebook, HSBC, the United Nations, the Australian and Italian Olympic Teams, Roche, PwC and many more and his work has been featured in TEDx, BBC, CNN, MensHealth and WomensHealth.

“Reishi Mushrooms are a hidden GEM to our society and I can’t wait for the entire world to discover them!”

– Phil Anthony-

🍄🌱 The Fruiting Body difference: Our mushrooms are carefully sourced from top farms, handpicked, and cultivated. Our unique approach lies in using the Fruiting Body, the most nutrient-rich part of the mushroom, exclusively in our extracts.

🌟 To enhance this process, we employ a Dual-Extraction method to extract the beneficial compounds. 🔬 Unlike other mushroom companies, we prioritize this crucial step in our production.

🌿 Most importantly, our products contain only 100% pure Fruiting Body Extract powders with No Grain, Fillers, or Junk. 🚫💪


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