Unleashing the Power of Mushrooms:
Our Extraction & Quality Control Process


Quality is defined as the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.
To determine quality, we often need to make comparisons to see what fits the standard.

Quality is not just the product; it is also the processes that take place in-between.

To understand the quality of our products we first need to compare two things.

Mycelium: Like the roots of a tree, Mycelium acts in the same way for a Fruiting Body. Mycelium is responsible for taking in nutrients by breaking down decaying matter using various enzymes. These nutrients are then transported throughout the fungi and also help to feed and support entire ecosystems. Mycelium is known as “the network of nature” and can communicate its environment.

Fruiting Body (mushroom): What we see as a mushroom, described as having a cap and a stem is actually called the Fruiting body. The Fruiting body is where a large amount of the nutrients absorbed by the mycelium get transported into. The Fruiting Body acts as the reproductive parts for the fungi and contains spores that when ready will be released to travel and grow once again. This is known as the life cycle of the Fruiting Body.


In order to guarantee purity, our extracts are tested for heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, and microbial contamination to ensure they meet the standards set for these categories. All of our mushrooms are processed in a designated GMP facility and have been approved and tested by Thailand FDA.

We are COA approved which means all of our products have been analyzed by independent labs to create a certificate of analysis that details and quantifies medicinal compounds.

The results of which show the absence of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides, e-coli, etc.

Through these processes and tests we have achieved our ultimate goal in providing you with the highest quality mushroom extracts, leaving you with a host of benefits.

Fruiting Body vs. MOG

mushroom life cycle

Phase 1 – Mushroom Quality

We don’t just believe in our method of extraction, we have a deep understanding for the true benefits that come with harvesting and utilizing the most nutritional part of the fungi, Fruiting Body.

Where other companies opt to use mycelium that they have grown in a lab by using grain such as grains. We have chosen to use the Fruiting Body, the true source of nutrition and packed with value added benefits.

Though it is true that mycelium is cheaper and faster to grow, after the extraction process one is left with mostly grain starch and little to no mushroom magic.

The extraction process of the fruiting body tells a far different story.

Firstly, we grow and cultivate our mushrooms until they have reached full maturity (identified by a stretched cap) and are then ready to be harvested. We then hand pick only the best mushrooms which will be sent through two different extraction processes, depending on the strain of mushroom.

We only use the finest fruiting body of the mushroom; this is where all the goodness and benefits that come with it are hidden.

Phase 2 – Extraction Process

To obtain the finest extract powder we use a spray dryer to remove any liquid, leaving us with only dry powder. This process is elected for our soft-shell mushrooms such as Lions Maine and Cordyceps.

When both water and alcohol is used this is called dual extract. Dual extraction is necessary when we want our extract to contain all the non-water-soluble compounds. Alcohol plays an important roll in extracting the non-water-soluble into liquid.

We then use our left-over solids from our hot water extraction and add them to a mixture of alcohol and water. These solids will rest and cook in the mixture for a set period of time. Once this process is complete, we will then separate the liquid from the solid and use spray drying machines to remove any moisture from the solid material. We repeat the process twice for higher quality and extreme potency.

This process is reserved for our hard shell/cap mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga and Turkey tail.

These mushroom extracts require alcohol extraction to break down all the beneficial compounds and make them bio-available. These compounds are known as beta glucans and tritrepenes or as we like to call them metabolites.

Phase 3 – Certificate of Analysis

benefits of cordyceps
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