Our Founder's Story: Changing the Way We Think About Mushrooms

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Meet Our Founder

🌟 Growing up in Canada in the late 80s truly paved the path for Brendan’s no non-sense approach. After completing his university education and landing a corporate job, Brendan quickly realized that the Western World was on the brink of collapse. The mindless herd mentality, endless bumper-to-bumper commutes, and the mind numbing programming every night pushed him to make a bold move, and he wasn’t about to stick around waiting for the Leafs to win a cup. 🏒

🎒 In 2010, Brendan packed his bags and set off for Asia in search of a fresh start. After 8 years of attempting entrepreneurship, he finally found his true passion in Thailand: MUSHROOMS. 

“When I think about leaving my mark on this world, I’m proud that it will be through reintroducing this forgotten knowledge. 🍄

🌱 If I can make even a small impact on the health of others and spread awareness about the power of mushrooms, then I’ll consider myself successful. Mushroom education serves as my North Star, and I’m all about cutting through the nonsense with a straightforward approach. Fruiting Body isn’t just a mushroom brand; it’s a lifestyle aimed at inspiring others to unlock their full potential and break free from the rat race. My hope is that everyone finds their passion and contributes value to the world. 🌟

- Brendan O'Neill -

A Decade of Asian Adventures

🍄🌱 The Fruiting Body difference: Our mushrooms are carefully sourced from top farms, handpicked, and cultivated. Our unique approach lies in using the Fruiting Body, the most nutrient-rich part of the mushroom, exclusively in our extracts.

🌟 To enhance this process, we employ a Dual-Extraction method to extract the beneficial compounds. 🔬 Unlike other mushroom companies, we prioritize this crucial step in our production.

🌿 Most importantly, our products contain only 100% pure Fruiting Body Extract powders with No Grain, Fillers, or Junk. 🚫💪

Our Mission

The Fruiting Body represents the completeness and full development of the mushrooms’ life cycle. This process initially begins with new life and follows with multiple stages of development, until ultimately a fulfilled life.

Our story began the same and continues to grow and evolve.
Fruiting Body is a functional mushroom company that has been both molded and shaped by our local and international community, right here in Phuket, Thailand. We understand the value of lifestyle and are committed to sharing the secrets of success and personal freedom.

Connection is our goal, and whether you are traveling, a digital nomad, working 9-5, or simply still finding your way, we want to share with you the mystic power of ancient mushroom medicines that have been passed down for thousands of years.
We believe that everyone in this world deserves a life of greatness, fueled by their passion and purpose. We see a world filled with opportunity and believe that our mushrooms can help support you along the way.

We strive on cultivating, harvesting and supplying only the highest quality of Fruiting Body mushroom extracts.
We aim to provide you with a supplement that gives you the power to accomplish anything you want. 

Fruiting Body’s functional mushrooms will grant you a host of benefits that in time will spark new beginnings for your own story, and this is our main goal.

“We truly are a species with amnesia. We have forgotten a very important part of our story.” Quote by Graham Hancock

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